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October 20, 2018

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The family just got a little bigger! This past weekend I got to head down to Woodstock for the wedding of my brother Caleb and his lovely lady Olivia. It was the most fun I’ve had in a long time and to answer your question, NO I was not their professional photographer. The amazing Sally Carpenter Photography will be releasing her photos within a few weeks as she edits them to perfection. Caleb has played a big role in my life as a motivator and someone I look up to. For those who don’t know, I am the youngest of six siblings. I always hear how similar Caleb and I look. In fact, as guests were arriving, I had two people congratulate me on the wedding and was told how happy they were for me. I guess that just means Caleb is one handsome devil!

When I arrived Thursday night at the home of Olivia’s parents Tom and Alicia, it really started to sink in just how special this wedding was going to be. I have seen Caleb grow into a truly amazing man who sees the best in people and now is seeing the best in himself. Olivia has motivated him to be the best version of himself every day, and he beams whenever he talks about his adventures with her and her family. How Olivia deals with our family and the craziness that ensues on a daily basis is beyond me, but I am grateful that she has come into our lives. She is brilliant, subtly hilarious, and above all else, a Patriots fan.

Okay, back to the post. Sitting down, enjoying a glass of bourbon while watching my mom and Caleb practice some dancing was very peaceful. Even Tom and Alicia got in on the action!

My family met bright and early on Friday morning to set up Tom and Alicia’s cottage in Tinmouth for a morning brunch with friends and family. We decked the place out with paper cranes and gourds, even some lovely pictures taken by me and Olivia’s friend Hadley. Without Olivia’s bridesmaids and sister Genevieve, that place would not have looked as awesome as it did!

Once guests had arrived, it was time for food and fun! Being around such awesome people really distracts from the cold! I also have to give another shout out to my sister, Danielle, who really went above and beyond with her welcoming signs that were hung for guests to see as they arrived. Just look how awesome it is!

After the brunch and wedding rehearsal, the boys got to head up to North Chittenden to stay the night in the most Vermont-y mountain lodge you could imagine. A family friend of Olivia’s was so generous to give us the space, and she showed us her 1947 Jeep. The thing runs like a charm and made for some AMAZING photos the next morning as we got ready.

Like what you’re seeing? Click here to see all the pictures from Caleb and Olivia’s Farmhouse Inn wedding!

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I had to get my own lovely lady, Carol, from North Adams, Massachusetts, to the wedding. She got to hang out with the girls and I got to get a sneak peek of them getting their hair and makeup done before heading back to the boys!

Also, if you don’t have a Rainbow, get yourself a Rainbow! This amazing person (with an equally amazing name) was working so hard behind the scenes to coordinate all the little things so that Caleb and Olivia didn’t have to stress. She did so much and had such a calming and positive demeanor the whole time.

It was in the low 40s/high 30s when I arrived back at the lodge to get ready with the boys. But that didn’t stop us from becoming one with nature and shaving outside before the photographer arrived (shout out to Dollar Shave Club). Shirts came off, and there was much rejoicing. The whole Hall-Potvin clan showed up and, this kills me as a photographer, we had our first professional photos taken! It only took 22 years, but at least we looked good!

Like what you’re seeing? Click here to see all the pictures from Caleb and Olivia’s Farmhouse Inn wedding!

Password: LoveInWoodstock


Having been around Ireland quite a bit, I know a beautiful church when I see one and Christ the King Church in Rutland was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL place for Caleb and Olivia to get married. The mass was very special and Reverend Bernard Bourgeois was an eloquent speaker. Seeing Caleb’s face light up when Olivia walked down the aisle was a really awesome moment to be a part of as his brother. The fact he didn’t cry was also quite impressive! Olivia looked absolutely beautiful and in Caleb’s trip to cloud nine, he went for Olivia’s right hand originally when asked to place the ring. I knew he’d do something to make it his own! But, in all seriousness, the mass was really beautiful and really made me appreciate the significance of the Miles and Hall-Potvin families joining together. We really are lucky to have each other in our lives.

After the ceremony, we headed east for the afternoon. The Farmhouse Inn in Woodstock was absolutely decked out and wow did everybody do a great job setting everything up! The barn was beautifully lit and I was drooling at the photos that were turning out. Caleb and Liv got to enjoy some time for photos in the late afternoon sun that was not forecasted to come out at all. With cornhole, a busy dance floor and even an old 1955 Chevrolet pickup truck, everybody had a blast despite the cold. I have to give the ultimate thank-you to Kim Mihan, a great family friend of ours, for taking my camera as we all danced our butts off on the dance floor. The shots that she captured were so genuine and timeless and I will never be able to thank her enough for getting some shots of my family all together. The Hall-Potvins are a wild bunch on the dance floor and they played some Michael Jackson, so Kim’s job wasn’t easy!

Like what you’re seeing? Click here to see all the pictures from Caleb and Olivia’s Farmhouse Inn wedding!

Password: LoveInWoodstock

So there you have it! Caleb and Liv are married and are starting their lives together down in Texas. It’s rare to have family together like that, so I am going to cherish these memories and photos for many years to come. And that really is why I love photography. Here are a few more from Sunday morning, because everything just looked beautiful!

Like what you’re seeing? Click here to see all the pictures from Caleb and Olivia’s Farmhouse Inn wedding!

Password: LoveInWoodstock

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  1. Alicia

    October 20th, 2018 at 8:52 pm

    Well done, Logan! Beautiful commentary and photos!! ❤

  2. Mary McAvoy

    October 21st, 2018 at 10:56 am

    Thanks so much for this generous recount of the weekend! We are thrilled for Olivia and Caleb.
    Mary McAvoy – college friend of Alicia and Tom

  3. Lillian Jackson

    December 6th, 2018 at 2:37 pm

    These are great. Thanks so much. I’ll keep looking at them from time to time. It was great meeting your fun family, especially the guys up st our lodge. Lillian Jackson

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