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November 30, 2018

Use These 5 Ways to Take Memorable Photos During the Holidays

Well, it’s that time of year again! Running around town, scrambling to coordinate plans with family, and trying a million different things to get in the holiday spirit. Let me start by saying IT’S OKAY TO BE STRESSED. It’s okay to be overwhelmed. But don’t let the holiday season win by allowing time to pass […]


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October 20, 2018

A Farmhouse Inn Wedding | Woodstock, Vermont Wedding Photographer

The family just got a little bigger! This past weekend I got to head down to Woodstock for the wedding of my brother Caleb and his lovely lady Olivia. It was the most fun I’ve had in a long time and to answer your question, NO I was not their professional photographer. The amazing Sally […]


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February 11, 2018

Irish Adventure: Week 5

Sometimes, little activities scattered throughout can make a week go by really quickly. That was certainly the case for…gulp…my FIFTH week in Dublin. I’ve officially been here for over a month, which means I’m over 25% done my time here. I reflected on that with a few roommates, and we all agreed on how weird […]


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February 4, 2018

Irish Adventure: Week 4

I’ve definitely settled into the hustle and bustle that Dublin brings. The energy of the city can be contagious, and sometimes a tad bit annoying if you’re used to small town Burlington (just stick to your side of the damn sidewalk, people)! It’s like a game of Frogger out there. Anyways, it was a run […]



January 28, 2018

Irish Adventure: Week 3

Well, I definitely can’t deny that I miss home! There were a few highlights from that this week that allowed for some excellent photos. The first came on Friday, where I decided to sacrifice a good night’s sleep to capture the sunrise in Bray. Asleep at 3:00 ish (yes, I’m a crazy insomniac) and out […]



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