Irish Adventure: Week 3

January 28, 2018

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Well, I definitely can’t deny that I miss home! There were a few highlights from that this week that allowed for some excellent photos.

The first came on Friday, where I decided to sacrifice a good night’s sleep to capture the sunrise in Bray. Asleep at 3:00 ish (yes, I’m a crazy insomniac) and out by 5:15. It is definitely a bit nerve-racking to navigate through a new country with their public transport services for the first time. With a bit of research and planning, I was good to go for my bus at 6:20 which took me from the Liffey straight out to Bray. I’m just glad I didn’t get on the wrong bus. Riding on the upper level of a double decker bus is exactly as exciting as I thought it would be.

Once in Bray at around 7:30, I made my way down to the coastline. I felt so at peace and appreciative of my surroundings. The birds are different here, so the new melodies were refreshing. The smell of the ocean is not one I’m used to quite yet, nor is the feeling of the cool, humid Ireland air. My walk to the coast was definitely my moment of Zen before I started taking shots of the sunrise

A quick stop to Finnbees Coffee House for a muffin and coffee was all the prep I really needed to get some sweet shots. I scoped out the coastline, and once I finished my sweets it was off to the sand.

Bray’s Head is the name of that tiny little mountain you see in the photos. That was my next stop after some shots on the beach. It’s a short but sweet hike, with fantastic views of County Wicklow and the mountains.

Fun fact about Ireland: the locals are super nice. On the way up the mountain I stopped and chat with someone born and bred in Bray for a solid 20 minutes. On the way down, another 20 minutes with two other locals who were eager to hear my views about American politics. You can imagine I had a bit to say. Nonetheless, I made my way back to Dublin on the DART and LUAS (trains).

Next up was St. Patrick’s Cathedral for a tour with my history class that I just made it back in time for. Needless to say, the architecture was astounding and the historical context the museum provided was a lot to take in. I’m no fan of studying history but going to museums can be pretty cool. Good photo opps, at least.

A friend of mine was eager to see the National Museum of History/Archaeology. By this time, I was absolutely gassed from a lack of sleep and lack of food/drink. It still was a great excursion to see range of animals and information for us to take in (shout-out to my sister with the moose).


I closed out my week with a day trip to Glendalough and Kilkenny with the rest of the Champlain lads and lasses. The weather didn’t exactly cooperate for our time in Glendalough, but the clouds lifted a bit for our time in Kilkenny. I definitely will be making a trip back to both of these places when the weather is nice. The views around Glendalough are some of the best in the country, and Kilkenny is loaded with cute store fronts and castles. Perhaps the most notable part of the day was climbing the tower at St Canice’s Cathedral. The steep, ladder-like steps can certainly be unsettling for those afraid of heights (me), and one can feel the whole tower slightly sway with the strong winds when you reach the top. But, on the other side of fear is pure joy, which is what I felt at the top. Highly recommend for anyone who stops by Kilkenny, it’s only three euros.

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