Irish Adventure: Week 5

February 11, 2018

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Sometimes, little activities scattered throughout can make a week go by really quickly. That was certainly the case for…gulp…my FIFTH week in Dublin. I’ve officially been here for over a month, which means I’m over 25% done my time here. I reflected on that with a few roommates, and we all agreed on how weird that feels. There has been so much that I’ve learned about myself in this month. I’ve never truly lived away from home, so to throw myself into a different country and to learn as I go, it has been a ride. I’ve gotten better at cooking, shopping, budgeting, exercising, branching out, and so much more.

Of course, I’m not going to kid myself here. I also miss everyone at home deeply. I miss being able to hop in my car and drive wherever. I miss my family, I miss my friends, I miss the familiarity. But having the ability to embrace change and adapt is an extremely important characteristic to have. Anyways, onto the events for the week!

Monday was my first full day at my internship: The Charities Institute of Ireland. It is going to be an exciting semester with Lucy Masterson and the team there. They are fighting the good fight to help the charities sector truly invest in themselves in terms of being compliant with legislation, financial reporting standards etc. I also have my reflective internship class Monday evenings. Our professor gave us a tour of the financial district of Dublin: Google, Facebook, Gasworks, etc. He explained the story of the Celtic Tiger, and it is super interesting to learn about all the struggles and successes this small but mighty island has had over the years.

My Cultural Immersion through the Fine Arts class went on another excursion this week to check out various fine art galleries. Unrelated, but I’ve also upped my jogging game: 6 miles with just above a 9:00 pace! My feet hurt just thinking about it.

The tail end of my week was super interesting! On Thursday, The Charities Institute held their annual conference, which I was lucky enough to attend. There were nearly fifty people there from various charities throughout Ireland, all collaborating to see what the best path will be for the sector in 2018. My work should be interesting the next few weeks as the Institute digests all the information!

Immediately after that conference, it was off to Champlain to attend the Common Purpose Pitstop Programme. This was a two-day leadership program where we took part in activities designed to help us learn important qualities that good leaders have, and how we can help develop them. It was certainly interesting, and the group had some really interesting debates and we all found our own ways to branch out of our comfort zone. So cheers to leadership!

To close out the week, I went to the esteemed Book of Kells and Long Room at the Trinity College Library. It is absolutely jaw-dropping to see the detail that went into all of the pages, all the processes that had to be completed to make such a beautiful work of art and history. The Long Room was breath-taking. I have seen photos and read about it, but to actually walk inside is an experience that needs to be had by anyone who comes to Dublin. I will let the photos do the talking!



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