I'm Logan!

The guy behind the camera (and computer) working hard to get the best shot that truly captures the essence of where you are in your life. Scroll on to learn more about me!

When I'm Behind the Camera

I am truly happy. I love photography when it tells the truth. Not the kind of air-brushed, body-slimming, overly-posed photography that has grown popular in the digital age. If you're looking for that, you've found the wrong photographer!

I was first (truly) drawn to photography in high school by a local sports photographer and his dedication to capturing our sports games. I wanted other people to feel the way I did when I saw a great photo that truly captured a moment or even a whole event in just a fraction of a second. Thus, I bought my first DSLR and Hall-Potvin Photography was born in 2013--I was just a Junior in high school.

It started with high school sports, then my friends' senior portraits and family portraits, then a family friend's wedding, my brother's employer's website photos, and repeat business launched my business from there.

So, why don't I specialize? Because I believe in the true power of photography--storytelling. I want to tell the life story of my clients and in order to do that I have to be able to shoot ANY part of the story. I want to KNOW my client's story. And, if I've done my job right, I'll be able to retire saying I played a small part in helping them tell their story for generations to come.

When I'm NOT Behind the Camera

I'm with Carol! She is my partner-in-crime and we love exploring the amazing state of Vermont together.

I'm kayaking! I love spending some time out on the water with my kayak. I'm always on the hunt for new spots!

I'm traveling! I've been to Ireland, Scotland, France, Spain, China..but NOT Canada for some reason!

I'm hiking! One of my favorite things about Vermont is how many different hikes there are.

I'm catching up on work! Editing, blogging, accounting, organizing--there's always plenty to do.

thanks for visiting!

See You On the 'Gram!